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by telephone

The best time to reach me by phone is in the mid thru late afternoon.

If this is the first time reaching out to me calling is the best way to do so.

by email

Email is a good way to schedule a phone call or an appointment.

This way I can make sure I am available to speak with you at a time that is convenient for you.

by skype

Want to meet for a consultation but can’t get to my office? Consider a Skype or Hangouts video call.

By appointment only.

Service Information

service area

It should be convenient for you to work with your lawyer.

My Service Area Boundaries
South Boundary: North Ave., Chicago
East Boundary: Kimball Ave., Chicago
West Boundary: Barrington Road
North Boundary: Lake Cook Road

Unless you were referred by someone, you’re a veteran, or a senior citizen, I strongly urge you to consider working with a bankruptcy lawyer from your area.


My consultations are generally free of charge.

But there are exceptions:

  • If you are from outside my service area I may charge you a consultation fee prior to our meeting. If you show up to the appointment and don’t retain me, I will refund the consultation fee. If you do retain me, I will credit the consultation fee towards attorney’s fees for your case.
  • If your case is complex (e.g small business issues, tax issues) I may charge you a consultation fee prior to our meeting. This fee is not refundable. But I will credit the fee towards attorney’s fees for your case if I agree to represent you and you retain me.

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