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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


The Fresh Start bankruptcy. Fast and the least stressful relief. Perfect for unsecured debts such as credit cards.

The “fresh start” bankruptcy. Eliminates debts in as little as 4 months.  Chapter 7 is perfect for credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, payday loans, judgments, and other unsecured debts. Find out how it works and if you’re eligible.

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


Strategic restructuring of your debts. Powerful. Federal consolidation. Guaranteed results.

The consolidation and reorganization bankruptcy.

Consolidates and restructures your debts.

Eliminates or reduces interest rates. Use it to pay back as little as 10% to unsecured creditors (such as credit cards) based on your household budget.

Allows for affordable payments over time.

Any outstanding balances are discharged.

Find out how it works and if it makes sense.

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Bankruptcy Is the Fastest, the Easiest, the Least Expensive, the Least Stressful, and the Guaranteed Way to Eliminate Debt

Least Expensive
Least Stressful

Bankruptcy Is the Fastest Form of Debt Relief

Bankruptcy will stop collections and lawsuits in their tracks the instant the bankruptcy case is filed.

And, chapter 7 eliminate burdensome debts (credit cards) in as little as 3 to 4 months.

Bankruptcy is fast.

This is possible because:

  • The bankruptcy automatic stay requires creditors to stop collections (even wage garnishments and lawsuits) the instant the case is filed; and

  • The chapter 7 discharge eliminates debts once the case is completed in about 3 to 4 months.

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This is a main reason why bankruptcy is the perfect law for stopping creditor actions that need immediate attention, such as:

  • pending collections lawsuits
  • foreclosures
  • wage garnishments
  • driver’s license suspensions
  • creditor harassment

… and why bankruptcy is also the perfect law to quickly remedy the consequences of living with overwhelming debts such as:

  • excessive stress and worrying
  • strained relationships
  • lack of savings and retirement assets
  • general

Bankruptcy is the most efficient way to regain financial footing and improve quality of life.

Least Expensive

Bankruptcy Is the Least Expensive, Too

Bankruptcy allows a consumer to deal with all creditors and all debts  in one shot under one proceeding.

THIS IS HUGE because dealing with each creditor separately is time consuming and expensive.

In chapter 7 bankruptcy, the consumer merely pays court costs ($338) and attorney’s fees (an attorney is highly recommended)  — creditors get nothing. You won’t get a better deal than that.

In chapter 13 bankruptcy, general unsecured creditors (e.g. credit cards) get only what a consumer can afford to pay (as little as 10% of the total balance owed). This is why chapter 13 is the least expensive form of debt consolidation.

Least Stressful

Bankruptcy Is Definitely the Least Stressful

The moment the bankruptcy case is filed with the bankruptcy court creditors must instantly stop their collections  — that’s the law.

If they don’t, the bankruptcy judge will hold the creditors that violate this law accountable by imposing sanctions.

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  • No more freaking out when the phone rings.
  • No more worrying about getting sued.
  • No more worrying about getting your wages garnished or bank accounts frozen.

The Bankruptcy Code virtually guarantees freedeom from creditor harassment and interference from the moment the bankruptcy case is filed — it’s federal law.

Bankruptcy allows the consumer to get out of debt in the least stressful way possible. Plus, most consumers also have the backing of their attorney which reduces stress further.


Bankruptcy Is the Guaranteed Way to Stop Creditors and to Erase Debts

Bankruptcy is the only guaranteed way to stop creditor collections actions and to eliminate debt.

This is because bankruptcy is federal law. And creditors will comply with federal law because they have to. If they don’t they will be sanctioned.

The bankruptcy automatic stay is a mandate for creditors to stop collections.

While the bankruptcy discharge is an injunction that prohibits creditors for taking any collection actions whatsoever forever.

Accordingly, with Bankruptcy Law on their side, indebted consumers are no longer subjected to the whims of their creditors.

The consumer who takes advantage of the Bankruptcy Law will get their life back the instant the case is filed.


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Get to Know the Basics

Learn about the bankruptcy players, most important concepts, and some vocabulary.

Learning about these basics will help you understand how bankruptcy works and if it’s the right debt relief option for you.

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Learn About Creditors, Debts, and Collections

Most consumers have a combination of different types of debts.

The different debts can cause different collection issues (e.g. foreclosure vs. harassing phone calls).

In bankruptcy, these debts are classified into categories and priorities. The categories and priorities receive different treatment.

Accordingly, the different forms of debts will influence the bankruptcy chapter (either chapter 7 or chapter 13) a consumer will need to file under to attain their goals.

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