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Filed by most consumers

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


The Fresh Start bankruptcy. Fast and the least stressful relief. Perfect for unsecured debts such as credit cards.

The “fresh start” bankruptcy.
Eliminates debts in as little as 4 months.
Chapter 7 is perfect for credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, payday loans, judgments, and other unsecured debts.
Find out how it works and if you’re eligible.
Filed in special circumstances

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


Strategic restructuring of your debts. Powerful. Federal consolidation. Guaranteed results.

The consolidation and reorganization bankruptcy.

Consolidates and restructures your debts.

Eliminates or reduces interest rates. Use it to pay back as little as 10% to unsecured creditors (such as credit cards) based on your household budget.

Allows for affordable payments over time.

Any outstanding balances are discharged.

Find out how it works and if it makes sense.

Bankruptcy Is the Fastest, the Easiest, the Least Expensive, the Least Stressful, and the Guaranteed Way to Eliminate Debt

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Get to Know the Basics

Learn about the bankruptcy players, most important concepts, and some vocabulary.

Learning about these basics will help you understand how bankruptcy works and if it’s the right debt relief option for you.


Learn About Creditors, Debts, and Collections

Most consumers have a combination of different types of debts.

The different debts can cause different collection issues (e.g. foreclosure vs. harassing phone calls).

In bankruptcy, these debts are classified into categories and priorities. The categories and priorities receive different treatment.

Accordingly, the different forms of debts will influence the bankruptcy chapter (either chapter 7 or chapter 13) a consumer will need to file under to attain their goals.

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