Live Your Life in Color

You should enjoy your life. You can’t do that when you’re overwhelmed with debt.

Burdensome debts are a precursor to health and relationship problems — the two spheres crucial to a good life.

These debts also make for a dreary, dark, and colorless life.

My job is to guide you through the bankruptcy process so that you can once again live your life in color.

I also believe communication is key and it is a 3 dimensional process:

  1. availability and access,
  2. expression and understanding of thoughts and intentions, and
  3. ability to relate to and agree with each other (e.g. temperament, integrity, tolerance of risk, reliability).

If I can’t communicate with you I will not agree to represent you.

If you can’t communicate with me, you should not hire me as your lawyer.

I have great relationships with my clients because we communicate.

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