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Hey…it’s your life: choose to live it debt free. Ready for a free consultation with me — a bankruptcy lawyer? Or are you just getting informed and comfortable about bankruptcy? I think you’ll find all you need here.

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The guaranteed, fastest, least expensive, and least stressful way to eliminate debt.
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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


Elimination of debts. Fast. Inexpensive. Harsh eligibility requirements. Immediate relief.

The “fresh start” bankruptcy. Eliminate most of your debts in as little as 4 months. Chapter 7 is perfect for credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, payday loans, repossession deficiency judgments, and your other unsecured debts.
Find out how it works and if you qualify.
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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


Strategic restructuring of your debts. Powerful. A long-term commitment. Immediate relief.

The consolidation and reorganization bankruptcy. Consolidate your debts. Eliminate or reduce interest rates. Pay back as little as 10% of your balances making affordable payments over time. Any outstanding balances are discharged.

Find out how it works and if it makes sense.

Bankruptcy Is the Fastest, the Least Expensive, the Least Stressful, and the Guaranteed Way to Get Out of Debt


Taking That First Step Can Be Daunting

Taking that first step to deal with your creditors and their debt collectors can be daunting.

  • You may not know your rights
  • This may be your first time interacting with a lawyer
  • Heck, you may still be getting used to the idea of bankruptcy

I just want you to know that if bankruptcy is the right option, it will improve your life immensely.

Bankruptcy will wipe-out your debts, end the harassment and the lawsuits, and stop the stress.

Bankruptcy really is the ultimate debt relief.

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Prepare Mentally and Emotionally and Have Faith in the Process

Bankruptcy Is a Logical and Responsible Decision

Stop thinking with your emotions. Evaluating bankruptcy law as your debt relief option is a logical decision — it’s a business decision.

Think of yourself as the CEO of a corporation with your family as the shareholders. Use all available laws to benefit yourself and your shareholders — that’s what well-managed corporations do.

You Did Nothing Wrong

Unless you never intended to pay back your debts from the outset (this is called fraud), it’s not your fault for taking advantage of the Bankruptcy Code.

Most people who use our bankruptcy laws are victims of unfortunate circumstances which wreck havoc on their finances:

  • Loss of employment or downturn in business
  • Family separation or divorce (loss of income or new expenses)
  • Serious health problems

Some people get into trouble by spending beyond their means because they were not educated about money and high risk credit — such as credit cards and payday loans. With bankruptcy, you can fix your spending mistakes and use your experience to rebuild a new financial future.

What’s the cause of your predicament? Think about it.

The Bankruptcy Code has build-in provisions to determine if you’re eligible to reduce or eliminate your debts. The law will dictate whether you qualify or not. But it’s up to you to use it.

Start Rebuilding Your Credit by Wiping Out the Bad Debts

Creditors and their debt collectors are corporations that don’t give a damn about you — you are just a money sign.

Creditors don’t hesitate to take advantage of any available laws to maximize profit without any concern about your or your family’s well-being — it’s just business.

Use the Bankruptcy Code to eliminate the bad business relationships. Wipe-out your debts and creditors will come around again. Guaranteed. Why? Because this is how our system works — it’s just business.

Your Life Will Improve Immensely

If bankruptcy makes sense (it doesn’t make sense for everyone), chances are your life will improve immensely.

Stress will be reduced. Family relations will improve. Credit score will improve. You’ll be able to sleep better. The Bankruptcy Code is the only way to guarantee an immediate stop to harassment and the elimination of unwanted debts.

You’ll be in control again — of your finances, your future, your life.


Get to Know the Basics

I’ll introduce you to the bankruptcy players, most important concepts, and some vocabulary. Learning about these basics will help you understand how bankruptcy works and if it’s the right debt relief option for you.


Learn About Creditors, Debts, and Collections

Most people have a combination of different types of debts. And different debts can cause different collection issues (e.g. foreclosure vs. harassing phone calls).

In bankruptcy, these debts are classified into categories and priorities. The categories and priorities receive different treatment.

Accordingly, your debts will influence bankruptcy chapter (either chapter 7 or chapter 13) you will need to file under to attain your goals.

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