The Meeting of Creditors or Trustee Meeting

The required bankruptcy meeting has several names: the "Trustee Meeting;" the "Meeting of Creditors;" the "Section 341 Meeting;" or a combination of the three. Whatever the name, your attendence is required.

The meeting takes place in the trustee's office usually about six to eight weeks from the day the case is filed. The bankruptcy judge does NOT attend this meeting.

The purpose of this meeting is to give creditors the opportunity to question you under oath about your petition, assets, income, and other matters related to your bankruptcy case. In reality, however, creditors usually choose not to attend and it is the trustee that conducts the meeting and asks the questions.

Unless there are concers about truthfulness or other shortcomings in the bankruptcy petition, the trustee will merely verify the petition for accuracy and completeness, perhaps ask for more details, or point out needed amendments. The duration of the meeting depends on the complexity of the case and the individual preferences of the trustee. It is not unusual for the meeting to be over in just a few minutes.

The section 341 meeting is a routine part of the bankruptcy process and is usually treated as such by the bankruptcy trustees. You can rest assured that I will advise you if I anticipate your case to be other than the routine. I will go over the meeting with you and get as detailed as you desire before you meet the trustee.

  • - attendance is mandatory
  • - trustee presides over meeting
  • - it is rare for creditors to show up
  • - just a routine part of the process
  • - I attend the meeting with you

Bring these documents and have them ready:

driver's license driver's license
Government issued picture I.D.
social security card
Social Security Card