Hi! Thanks for visiting. My name is Arthur Corbin and welcome to my website.

"I've been a resident of River Grove for over 10 years until my recent move in late 2011. I will never forget getting those pesky street cleaning tickets. I probably averaged 3 to 4 per street cleaning season."

- Arthur Corbin, Attorney

River Grove Bankruptcy Lawyer

I moved to River Grove in 2000. As a River Grove resident I joined and served two combat tours with the U.S. Marines, graduated from Loyola University Chicago, and earned my law degree from Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Today, I am a practicing consumer bankruptcy attorney. I help consumers throughout the Northwest Chicagoland area, but I want to particularly reach out to the River Grove community. I created this webpage just so you can find me if you need guidance in debt relief. My office is nearby in Des Plaines (across the parking lot from the casino).

I developed a passion for bankruptcy in law school and decided to make consumer bankruptcy law my primary practice area and my career.

The career of a dedicated bankruptcy lawyer is both challenging and rewarding. It's challenging because it requires me to go up against sophisticated creditors who are a well prepared and well funded foe. It's rewarding because bankruptcy law often leads to immediate results where I quickly see the fruits of your labor.

I also want to mention the importance of compassion in the practice of bankruptcy law. Compassion is the natural extension of a dedicated consumer bankruptcy lawyer. I meet and help people who have usually been financially overwhelmed for some time; ridiculed and embarrassed by the unethical tactics and psychological ploys of the credit and debt collections industry; people who have stopped enjoying life in the struggle to make that mortgage payment.

I am very sensitive to this financial and emotional reality and therefore: (1) treat every client with compassion as I guide him/her to a financial fresh start; (2) begin each client relationship by providing comprehensive bankruptcy advice free of charge and without any pressure to file via my consultations; and (3) offer installment payments and flexible fees adjusted according to the simplicity or complexity of your situation and your ability to pay.

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